Who is Black Cat Harriet?

A Story of a Girl, a Cat, and a Placenta

Black Cat Harriet is the stage name of Elsa Deutschbein, a neurotic performer, musician, and writer from Rochester, NY. Her independently released debut studio album was crowd funded using Kickstarter. She uses her music to promote the work of local and regional visual artists and to increase mental health awareness. 

Elsa began writing music in her early teens as a way to cope with depression. In her early twenties music and writing became a healing tool after Elsa survived a suicide attempt in 2014. She hopes her music can inspire others to create, heal, and be open about their own difficult experiences.


In her youth Elsa spent her childhood unschooled, running around outside, and obsessively listening to Alanis Morrisette, Queen, The Dresden Dolls, and Kate Bush. Beyond music and her family, the thing Elsa loved most, was her black cat Harriet. Harriet was very patient and would let Elsa dress her up in dolls clothes and try to teach her french. She never did master language, but she looked fantastic in a bonnet nonetheless. When Elsa was in college Harriet past away and in memorium of their special bond, Elsa's spiritually inventive mother decided to bury Elsa' placenta, which had long lived in the freezer, in the garden with cat. Elsa realized that she knew her fate: she was Black Cat Harriet; in the garden, in the grave, and on stage. 

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